Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the most current information about CPD programming?

Please visit the Education Centre for the most up to date information.

We will make every effort to present the programs as advertised but from time to time changes to speakers, content, dates and venues occur.

How do I login to register for programs?

Login with your Member Portal/CPDonline account credentials, please note that for ease of use we synchronized these systems so that members have a single login.

If you are not a member, contact to obtain a registration form. Once your registration has been approved, your login credentials will be emailed to you.

When will I receive my program materials?

Not all programs include materials, but when there are materials they will be sent electronically. Typically this occurs a day or two prior to the date of the program, however there are instances when materials will be sent after the program.

For a webinar program how will I receive the connection instructions?

Typically detailed instructions are sent via email a day or two prior to the date of the program.

Can I pay by cheque if I register online?

Yes! At checkout choose the option ‘Cheque payments’.

When will I receive an invoice/receipt for registration fees?

Invoices/receipts are emailed automatically once an order is complete.

Is it possible to transfer my registration?

Yes, registration for all programs is transferable to another eligible person.

When am I eligible for a full refund?

For regular programs, there will be a full refund if you have given notice that you cannot attend at least 5 working days before the date of the program.

For limited enrolment programs, a full refund will be given only if the spot can be filled. If your spot is not filled, materials will be sent to you.

Who do I contact if I have questions about CPD programs?

Kirsty Hyduk | Programs Assistant, Continuing Professional Development

Why is continuing professional development (CPD) mandatory for lawyers in Manitoba?

The Law Society has a statutory mandate to ensure that lawyers who practise law in Manitoba are competent. The Benchers decided that, like other professions and many other Canadian law societies, every practising lawyer in Manitoba should be required to take some CPD every year as part of their overall plan to enhance competency.

For further clarification on requirements and reporting CPD hours please reference the Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Requirements.

Who will be accredited as providers for eligible CPD and how may providers advertise their activities?

The Law Society will not accredit providers, but will have the discretion to determine that activities offered by a specific provider are not eligible activities if they do not adequately promote competent practice.

Providers may indicate the number of CPD hours on marketing materials. It is up to the lawyer to determine if the activity is an eligible CPD activity.

Does mentoring a student or another lawyer on specific client files qualify as eligible CPD?

No, mentoring is not an eligible CPD activity.

Can I carry over or bank hours from one year to the next?

In exceptional circumstances, you may be permitted to carryover up to 12 hours of CPD to the following year. (E.g. pursuing a Masters of Law Degree or completing the Federation of Law Societies’ Criminal Law or Family Law Program). If you wish to request a transfer of CPD hours from one year to another you must contact

How will the Law Society monitor my compliance?

The Law Society will audit members for compliance with MCPD requirements. If you are audited you may be asked to provide receipts or other documents to establish the number of hours of your participation and the eligibility of the activities.