Frequently Asked Questions

The Law Society has a statutory mandate to ensure that lawyers who practise law in Manitoba are competent. The Benchers decided that, like other professions and many other Canadian law societies, every practising lawyer in Manitoba should be required to take some CPD every year as part of their overall plan to enhance competency. 

For further clarification on requirements and reporting CPD hours please reference the Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Requirements.

If you have questions about the substance of the MCPD program, e.g. what qualifies as an eligible activity, contact: 

Eileen Derksen | Director of Continuing Professional Development


The CEO of the Law Society may pre-approve banking or carryover to the immediate next year of no more than 12 hours to accommodate exceptional circumstances such as lengthy CPD programs (e.g., pursuing a Masters of Law degree, the Federation of Law Societies’ Criminal Law Program, the Federation of Law Societies’ Family Law Program).

The CEO of the Law Society has pre-approved carry over of up to 12 hours to the immediate next year for the Federation of Law Societies’ Criminal Law and Family Law programs, including carry over of up to 1.5 hours for ethics, professional responsibility and practice management. You do not need to request pre-approval to carry over CPD hours from these programs to the next year.

The Society will audit members for compliance with MCPD requirements. If you are audited you may be asked to provide receipts or other documents to establish the number of hours of your participation and the eligibility of the activities.

The Law Society will not accredit providers, but will have the discretion to determine that activities offered by a specific provider are not eligible activities if they do not adequately promote competent practice.

Providers may indicate the number of CPD hours on marketing materials. It is up to the lawyer to determine if the activity is an eligible CPD activity.

If you want to know whether you attended a Law Society of Manitoba CPD Program, please contact: 

Kirsty Hyduk | Programs Assistant, Continuing Professional Development


No, mentoring is not an eligible CPD activity.

Please visit the Education Centre for the most up to date information.

We will make every effort to present the programs as advertised but from time to time changes to speakers, content, dates and venues occur.

Invoices and receipts will NOT be provided unless specifically requested. 

When hard copy materials are provided; this will be given to you upon attendance on the day of the program. If you have registered but do not to attend, materials will be sent out to you following the program.

  • For regular programs, there will be a full refund if you have given notice that you cannot attend at least 5 working days before the date of the program.
  • For limited enrolment programs, a full refund will be given only if the spot can be filled. If your spot is not filled, materials will be sent to you.

Yes, registration for all programs is transferable to another eligible person. 

Tele-Conference: There is only an audio portion. You call in using your telephone to receive the audio of a live, in-person program.

Webinar: There is both an audio and a visual portion. Using your computer, you connect to a CPD program to view the PowerPoint presentation. Using your computer or telephone, you listen to the audio portion. The speaker(s) may or may not be presenting to an in-person audience.

What are the criteria for a group discount?

GROUP DISCOUNTS are available if you have more than 1 registrant all of whom will participate in the program from the same telephone or desktop.

  • 2-4 people registering: 20% discount
  • 5-10 people registering: 35% discount
  • 11+ people registering: 50% discount

A complete list of all group registrants must be provided at the time of initial registration. If additional registrations are submitted at a later date, a higher group discount will NOT be applied.

A group discount cannot be combined with any additional discounts. Students can either choose to be part of the group OR receive the listed student price.

Attendees will be provided one access code and set of instructions for the group to connect and view the presentation from one location.

Registrants will receive an email day or two prior to the date of the program with detailed instructions on how to connect to the presentation and access any material.