Family Matters! New practice resources available now.

Family law practitioners assist with legal issues that represent some of the most important matters their clients will face. We’ve been working with volunteer lawyers who have the expertise to help develop some new and substantial Family Law resources. This effort generates up-to-date content to reflect the many significant recent changes, including procedural changes, amendments to the Divorce Act, and notes on potential future changes to provincial legislation.

The results of that work are now being realized!

We are excited to announce that our free library of Practice Area Fundamentals written resources is expanding with a nine-chapter collection focusing on Family Law, including a chapter devoted to child protection and guardianship.

This collection represents a high-value resource as changes continue to unfold in this practice area.

Available now: 

Chapter 1: Initial Considerations

Chapter 2: Commencing an Action and Interim Relief

Chapter 3: Divorce, Parenting, Support and Protective Relief

Chapter 4: Property and Pensions

Chapter 5: Discovery, Preparation for Trial and the Trial

Chapter 6: Enforcement, Variation and Appeals

Chapter 7: Agreements

Chapter 8: Adoption, Assisted Reproduction and Parentage

Chapter 9: Child Protection and Guardianship