COVID-19 Update

The health and safety of our members and others who present and attend our programs and events is a high priority for the Law Society of Manitoba. The situation with the COVID-19 virus is rapidly evolving. We want to assure all of you that The Law Society is regularly monitoring the advice of Canadian public health authorities and other experts regarding the Coronavirus risk, safe practices and recommendations.

All in person meetings and events scheduled to be held at the Law Society between now and April 30, 2020 are postponed with the exception of the April 23, 2020 Bencher meeting which will proceed via teleconference.

These postponements include the following CPD programs:

  • April 17, 2020 – The New Divorce Act Amendments
  • May 6, 11 & 12, 2020 – NEW Land Titles Online: Integrating Plan and Title Searches
  • Le jeudi 14 mai – Les grands dossiers d’actualité dans le domaine desdroits linguistiques au Manitoba

All individuals directly impacted by a postponement will be contacted. Going forward we are working on enhancing our capacity for remote attendance at both meetings and continuing professional development programs.

Stay tuned as these will be announced on a program by program basis.

Please note that there will be significant delays for anyone ordering DVDs between Wednesday, March 18 through to Monday, May 4, 2020.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and immediately notify our members and those who attend our programs and our facility if the situation changes. The safety and wellbeing of our members, program attendees and volunteers continues to be a priority for us. Please refer to the following link for details on the current Health Canada guidelines or the CDC guidelines.

We will update this statement as new information develops.

We hope everyone remains healthy and well during this time.  We look forward to connecting with you at our upcoming programs.

Access to Great Library Resources

For the safety of our members, the Great Library is closed indefinitely. As a semi-public and unstaffed space, we are unable to maintain a level of cleaniness on our equipment and resources to ensure the safety of our members.

The number one free source for legal research in Canada is On top of a significant collection of caselaw and legislation, CanLII has a note up function for both cases and legislation. They have added a lot of secondary source content, in the form of e-books, law journals and case commentary. CanLII’s search page is fairly intuitive, but if you would like to take a deeper dive, view their video tutorials on How to browse commentary and How to search commentary on the CanLII Guides page. CanLII also hosts The Canadian Legal Research and Writing Guide, formerly known as the Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research. 

We encourage members to use our subscription resources available behind the members portal, and when those aren’t enough, to email us at Working remotely, we continue to have access to all of our databases, and can provide you material you may not be able to retrieve on your own. 


Additional vLex Content

The vLex database, available to you behind the members portal, has been expanded to include access to U.K.caselaw and legislation, on top of the Canadian and U.S. content. This should be available in the next 24 hours. In the meantime, if you need UK decisions, please email us to retrieve them for you.


Westlaw Content

For members who do not subscribe to Westlaw, we are able to share our in-library service remotely. We have 10 additional licenses that can be sent to individuals, for 12 hours use at a time. This will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis by emailing Users will receive a registration key which you will need to create a OnePass username and password. Once your time is up, your subscription will expire and all research will be deleted. 

Our Westlaw Canada subscription includes content from CriminalSource, FamilySource, Estates&TrustsSource and portions of Litigator, including the annotated Manitoba Queen’s Bench rules. We also subscribe to the following looseleaf titles which we can access remotely through the Proview platform:


Aboriginal and Treaty Rights Practice

Judicial Review of Administrative Action in Canada (Brown, Evans)

Practice and Procedure before Administrative Tribunals (Macaulay, Sprague, Sossin)

McWilliams’ Canadian Criminal Evidence, 5th ed.

Conflicts of Interest: Principles for the Legal Profession (McNair)

Lawyers & Ethics: Professional Responsibility and Discipline (MacKenzie)

Damages for Personal Injury and Death (Goldsmiths)

Injunctions and Specific Performance (Sharpe)

Law of Damages (Waddams)

Orkin on The Law of Costs, 2nd ed.


While we are not able to download an entire text and send that to you, subject to copyright and licensing restrictions, we are able to send excerpts. Please indicate what portion of a text you require and we will do our best to fill your request. 


LexisAdvance Quicklaw Content

Our LexisAdvance Quicklaw subscription includes electronic access to a significant amount of secondary sources in both Civil Procedure and Criminal Law. Here is a partial list of titles, which are linked to their table of contents from the publisher, where available. 


Civil Procedure

Canadian Civil Procedure Law, 2nd ed. (Abrams, McGuiness)

Canadian Contract Law, 4th ed. (Swan, Adamski, Na)

Canadian Federal Courts Practice, 2019 ed. (Hughes, Renaud and Horne)

Canadian Law of Unjust Enrichment and Restitution (McInnes)

Canadian Tort Law, 11th ed. (Linden, Feldthusen)

Castel & Walker: Canadian Conflict of Laws, 6th ed.

Law of Limitations, 3rd ed. (Mew)

Procedural Strategies for Litigators, 3rd ed. (Morton)

Sopinka on the Trial of an Action, 3rd ed. (McEwan)

Sopinka’s Law of Evidence in Canada, 5th ed. (Bryant, Lederman, Fuerst)

Sullivan on the Construction of Statutes, 6th ed.


Criminal Law

Annotated Youth Criminal Justice Act, 2nd ed.

Canada’s Cannabis Act – Annotations and Commentary, 2019-2020 ed. (Bennett)

Criminal Procedure in Canada, 2nd ed. (Penney, Rondienelli, Stribopoulos)

Expert Evidence, 3rd ed. (Anderson)

Impaired Driving in Canada, 5th ed. (Kenkel)

The Law of Search and Seizure, 11th ed. (Fontana and Keeshan)

The Practitioner’s Criminal Code, 2020 ed. (Gold)



CPDonline prices reduced by 50% from April 1 until June 30

As we all do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our community we find ourselves increasingly at home and probably online. We are encouraging our staff to use this time to tackle some of the projects that we all have and never find the time to address.

Since you too are likely going to be spending a lot of time online at home, it occurred to us that meeting your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements is one of those projects that can be done online if you are so inclined. We are mindful of the fact that the required isolation will affect both income and expenses, and so, as a small contribution to those who want to use this time to work on their CPD, all cpdonline programs are now being offered at half-price from April 1 until June 30, 2020.

We know this time is particularly challenging to our well-being so we want you to consider taking advantage of the free programming we have available on the topics of anxiety and mental health.

Be safe, be well, and reach out if we can be of any assistance.


Free courses on CPDonline:

Course NamePresentation DateCPD hoursEPPM Hours
Mental Health and Lawyers: An Unspoken StruggleSeptember 5, 201911
New Anti-Money Laundering RulesDecember 9, 2019 - Webinar11
You are Not Alone: The Lawyer’s Guide to Dealing with AnxietyNovember 30, 2016

Innovating RegulationJune 6, 2016 - Webinar



If you have any questions please contact us at 




Betta Wishart to appear on Infojustice radio program Parlons Droit on April 8


On April 8th, Betta Wishart will be a guest on the Infojustice radio program Parlons Droit. Tune in to francophone community radio station Envol 91FM at 9am to hear Betta speak about the Law Society’s role as the independent regulator of the legal profession in Manitoba and her work as Program Counsel to plan and host continuing professional development programs for lawyers. This includes working with francophone partner organizations to offer programs en français.

Le 8 avril, Betta Wishart sera l’invitée de Parlons Droit, l’émission de radio du centre Infojustice. Écoutez la station de radio communautaire francophone Envol 91FM à 9h00 pour entendre Betta parler du rôle de la Société du Barreau en tant que régulateur indépendant de la profession juridique au Manitoba. Elle expliquera son travail en tant qu’avocate de programme pour planifier et animer des programmes de formation professionnelle continue pour les avocats, notamment avec des organismes partenaires francophones pour offrir des programmes en français.


































Welcome to the new Education Centre!

The Law Society is very pleased to reveal our new online Education Centre for lawyers and legal staff.

This is the central place where you will find a wide variety of educational resources to assist you in your legal practice.  In addition to the resource options you are most likely familiar with, such as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Programs, you will also see a growing inventory of other practice resources such as law practice Fundamentals.

We hope you take some time to peruse the resources and access the ones that are most relevant for you.

Stay tuned as we continue to enhance resources available to you and your firm!

CPDonline is the resource you are looking for!

Filing your AMR and MCPD Reports due April 1

Reminders have been sent out letting you know that the Annual Member Report (AMR) which includes the MCPD (Mandatory Continuing Professional Development) Report is now open for you to complete.  As always these reports must be completed by April 1.

Who needs to complete the AMR?
You must file this report if you had practising status at any time in 2019.

What does this include?
Review and confirm your CPD tracker is correct.
If applicable, complete the Law Corporation renewal section of the AMR.

How do I start?
Visit the Law Society Member Portal


Technical Issues
Simon Young, Director | Information Systems Development

MCPD Activities
Eileen Derksen, Director | Continuing Professional Development

Reporting Requirements
Richard Porcher, Director | Admissions and Membership

Trust Account Supervisors Reporting Requirements
Contact a member of the Audit department at