Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Guidelines

The Law Society has developed a resource to help you manage your professional responsibilities with respect to the rapid development of generative AI and its impacts on the practice of law.

Generative Artificial Intelligence, Guidelines for Use in the Practice of Law includes:

  • definitions of terms used in AI discussions,
  • guidelines for evaluating benefits and risks in the delivery of legal services, and
  • examples of how the use of Generative AI connects to the Code of Professional Conduct, including professional obligations such as being technologically competent, maintaining confidentiality, and more.

We encourage you to review these guidelines and assess how you might use Generative AI in a manner consistent with the Code of Professional Conduct.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the Law Society for guidance.

Meeting your MCPD Requirements

Each calendar year, practising lawyers must complete 12 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by December 31. For more information, please visit: Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
If you are looking for CPD opportunities at this time of year, you’ve got plenty of options!
You can find a comprehensive list in this updated CPD News item: So Many Options!

CPD on Demand

Log in to CPDonline anytime from anywhere to access recorded versions of our CPD programs (Go directly to the 2023 recordings).
Online Interactive Opportunities
Access a variety of new online interactive courses that are available at no cost.

Or brush up on cyber safety topics and earn a little CPD by completing our free cyber security awareness Bytes.

If you have questions, please contact us. We are here to help.
CPD Programming and CPD on Demand:
Meeting Your MCPD Requirements:

Continuing Professional Development – So Many Options!

Sometimes we hear members say “I just need to get my hours…” While there is a concrete requirement that is measured by hours, please don’t reduce professional development to “hours”.

The Mandatory Continuing Professional Development rules were put in place to provide a minimum requirement to assist you in making sure that you prioritize maintaining and enhancing your professional competence… reality is, we all work to “deadlines.” The real intention is for you to reflect on your competence and determine your professional development needs so you can then find meaningful resources to address your needs and goals. This is not about just “getting your hours.” Please don’t do that to yourself.

Now, more than ever, you have so many options – many that are available at any time of the day – to enhance your own individual professional development.

Here are a few places for you to look for high quality CPD:

Manitoba Law Library posts education events from a variety of providers on the Library Events Calendar.

The Law Society of Manitoba offers both live CPD Programs, and CPD on Demand.

Manitoba and Canadian Bar Association record most programs. Members may contact to request access to recordings of past programs.

Robson Hall Law School hosts events and you can also visit their YouTube channel to access video recordings of past lectures. Notable playlists include:

The Federation of Law Societies of Canada offers national law programs:

We know that the needs of individual lawyers vary a great deal and there is no one provider of CPD that can offer all things to all lawyers.

Here in Manitoba we are particularly fortunate to have a collaborative and collegial relationship amongst the various arms of the legal profession. Each arm contributes to and offers educational opportunities and we highly recommend that you take a look around to ensure you are taking advantage of the most relevant CPD for you and your practice.

As always, if you have any questions about CPD or the requirements you may contact us at: or

The Path is Available October 2, 2023

The Path, an Indigenous Intercultural Awareness and Competency Training course, launches October 2, 2023.

This course represents a unique opportunity to learn about Indigenous peoples’ history, cultures, and experiences.

The Path is mandatory for practicing members and is an essential step in starting to fill this gap in our education for competent practice.

More to know about The Path:

  • Free, The Path is available to practicing members at no-cost.
  • Flexible, The Path is organized into six online modules that you can complete at your own pace.
  • MCPD, The Path is eligible for seven CPD hours, all of which are considered EPPM.

New and FREE online tool and cyber security resources available!

Our selection of high-value no-cost resources has expanded with two great new additions, so help yourself and your firm by checking them out today:


Interactive Online Practice Management Tool

This new interactive online tool, along with its companion workbooks, is designed for sole practitioners and designated representatives (or those responsible for the operations of multi-lawyer firms).

Use the tool to review best practices, identify key priorities, and access practical resources that align with your priorities!



Cyber Security Resource Library

Help block cyber criminals! Our new Cyber Security page offers a curated selection of relevant resources from various sources.

Plus, you’ll find featured CPD on demand opportunities, including our online learning Bytes, created specifically for Manitoba lawyers and law firm staff.


Thank You 2022 CPD Volunteers

As we reflect on the past few years and look forward to the year ahead, everyone here at the Law Society (especially the CPD team) would like to express our most sincere gratitude to all of the incredible volunteers who have contributed so substantially to the education of their colleagues.

Family Matters! New practice resources available now.

Family law practitioners assist with legal issues that represent some of the most important matters their clients will face. We’ve been working with volunteer lawyers who have the expertise to help develop some new and substantial Family Law resources. This effort generates up-to-date content to reflect the many significant recent changes, including procedural changes, amendments to the Divorce Act, and notes on potential future changes to provincial legislation.

The results of that work are now being realized!

We are excited to announce that our free library of Practice Area Fundamentals written resources is expanding with a nine-chapter collection focusing on Family Law, including a chapter devoted to child protection and guardianship.

This collection represents a high-value resource as changes continue to unfold in this practice area.

Available now: 

Chapter 1: Initial Considerations

Chapter 2: Commencing an Action and Interim Relief

Chapter 3: Divorce, Parenting, Support and Protective Relief

Chapter 4: Property and Pensions

Chapter 5: Discovery, Preparation for Trial and the Trial

Chapter 6: Enforcement, Variation and Appeals

Chapter 7: Agreements

Chapter 8: Adoption, Assisted Reproduction and Parentage

Chapter 9: Child Protection and Guardianship


New and Updated Practice Area Fundamentals

If you are new to a practice area or if you simply want a refresher on the current law and practice in Manitoba, the Practice Area Fundamentals are a great place to start. With the help of volunteer lawyers with relevant practice experience we’ve been able to update the old Bar Admission (aka CPLED) materials in several practice areas.  These resources are available to anyone in the profession at no cost.

Check out the new chapters now posted in:

It is now easier than ever to register for CPD programs!

The Law Society has a new online registration process for all live CPD programs! No more forms to fill out – simply visit the CPD Programs page on the Education Centre and click on the session that you are interested in to begin.

Please register to attend a program using the online system regardless of how you wish to pay (credit card or cheque are both acceptable).

You may be interested to note… This system allows you to register for more than 1 program at a time while paying in one single transaction. You may also register multiple attendees for any particular program while paying in one single transaction.

Introducing New Practice Resources

We are excited to announce our newly relaunched Practice Resource Library. This comprehensive collection of resources is now conveniently available at the click of your mouse, free of charge. While designed to support all Manitoba lawyers in their practice, these resources have been developed with solo and small firm practitioners particularly in mind.

You will find substantive and procedural guidance, case law, precedents and forms with the ease of hyperlinked references in numerous topic areas grouped by 3 main categories:

  1. Practice Management
    These resources relate to running your practice and the business of a law firm. We know these can be challenging issues in solo and small firms. You will find helpful content on topics such as Planning for Absences and Contingencies, File Retention, Closing and Storage, Retainers, and Retirement-Winding up Your Practice. More content will be added regularly.
  2. Practice Area Fundamentals
    If you are new to a practice area or if you simply want a refresher on the current law and practice in Manitoba, the Practice Area Fundamentals are a great place to start. With the help of volunteer lawyers with relevant practice experience we’ve been able to update the old Bar Admission (aka CPLED) materials in many practice areas, including Criminal Law, Corporate and Commercial, and Real Estate.
  3. Professional Responsibilities
    As a lawyer you must remain aware and attuned to your professional responsibilities. As the legal landscape evolves so do our responsibilities. In this segment of the website you will find guidance on Trust Accounting, Anti-Money Laundering, Equity Issues , The Legal Profession and more!

Explore the Education Centre with new resources regularly added to assist you in your practice.