Are we there yet? Reflecting on A2J Progress & the Obligation to Advance A2J in Manitoba

October 25, 2023    |    12:00 noon – 2:00 p.m.   |   Video Webinar

Access to Justice Week 2023


Join us for a reflection on the tenth anniversary of the Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters 2013 report, Access to Justice & Family Justice: A Roadmap for Change, and the nine Justice Development Goals identified to bridge the implementation gap.
Representatives from The Law Society of Manitoba, The Manitoba Law Foundation, Legal Aid Manitoba, and The Manitoba Law Reform Commission gather to discuss the status of the Justice Development Goals in Manitoba, how interpretations of access to justice have evolved, the way statutory obligations take shape in their work, and to share insight on the status and future of access to justice in Manitoba.
Kristal Bayes, Manitoba Law Reform Commission
Peter Kingsley, Legal Aid Manitoba
Darcia Senft, The Law Society of Manitoba
Erin Wilcott, Manitoba Law Foundation
Byron Williams, Public Interest Law Centre, Legal Aid Manitoba


Natasha Brown, The University of Manitoba

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Registration for this event is processed on the University of Manitoba A2J Week 2023 website.


This program offers 2 hours of CPD, all of which may be reported as EPPM (Ethics, Professionalism, Practice Management) hours.