The Legal Profession

The Legal Profession is full of basic information that every lawyer needs to know about being a lawyer in Manitoba.

You will find information about:

  • the roles of the Law Society, the Federation of Law Societies, the Manitoba Law Foundation and the Manitoba Bar Association, 
  • the basics of membership status in the Law Society, 
  • the investigation and disciplinary process, 
  • what to do if you make an error or omission, 
  • your professional liability insurance, 
  • fee disputes with a client, 
  • some of the more common rules that affect your practice, 
  • resources available to support you in your practice,
  • your duties to each other and the public under the Code of Professional Conduct, 
  • Trust Conditions and Undertakings, 
  • Conflicts of Interest,
  • How to practice to prevent complaints from the public.