Remote Witnessing

New permanent regulations for remote witnessing of documents by video conference in Manitoba are in effect.

For additional information, please consult these new regulations listed below.

Please note: If you witness documents that relate to a financial transaction by video conference (Zoom, Teams, etc.), you cannot satisfy the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing rules by looking at the client’s government-issued photo ID on your screen.

If you or someone else in your office have not previously verified the client’s identity, STOP. You need to take other steps. If there is no in-person meeting, here are your options:

  • Send an agent agreement to the client’s realtor, banker, accountant, or other responsible person and have them do it for you.
  • Use the credit file method.
  • Obtain two trusted pieces of information from a reliable source.
  • Use a DIACC certified software service to authenticate government-issued photo ID and match the result to the image or video of the client.

Visit our Anti-Money Laundering page for more information and resources.

For Real Property Act instruments and Homestead Act documents, complete Form 32. See Sample Content for Form 32 – Video Witnessing Certificate