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COVID-19 Update

Access to Great Library Resources

For the safety of our members, the Great Library is closed indefinitely. As a semi-public and unstaffed space, we are unable to maintain a level of cleaniness on our equipment and resources to ensure the safety of our members. The number one free source for legal research in Canada is On top of a […]

CPDonline prices reduced by 50% from April 1 until June 30

As we all do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our community we find ourselves increasingly at home and probably online. We are encouraging our staff to use this time to tackle some of the projects that we all have and never find the time to address. Since you too are likely […]

Betta Wishart to appear on Infojustice radio program Parlons Droit on April 8


Welcome to the new Education Centre!

The Law Society is very pleased to reveal our new online Education Centre for lawyers and legal staff. This is the central place where you will find a wide variety of educational resources to assist you in your legal practice.  In addition to the resource options you are most likely familiar with, such as CPD […]

CPDonline is the resource you are looking for!

Filing your AMR and MCPD Reports due April 1

Reminders have been sent out letting you know that the Annual Member Report (AMR) which includes the MCPD (Mandatory Continuing Professional Development) Report is now open for you to complete.  As always these reports must be completed by April 1. Who needs to complete the AMR? You must file this report if you had practising status at […]