Real Estate

This module deals with the practice of Real Estate law in Manitoba.  Each chapter is written by lawyers in Manitoba for lawyers in Manitoba who plan to or are already practicing in the area of conveyancing.  Each chapter contains explanations, links to case law and legislation, precedents and samples and other online resources that are relevant to the topic addressed in the chapter.

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Real Property Conveyancing and Real Estate Brokers

Chapter 2 – Conveyancing Practice: Residential
Forms and Precedents

Chapter 3 – Mortgages
Forms and Precedents

Chapter 4 – Enforcement of Mortgage Security
Forms and Precedents

Chapter 5 – Condominiums
Forms and Precedents

Chapter 6 – Farm Land Transactions

Chapter 7 – New Construction Transactions

Land and Title in Manitoba: A Registrar’s Perspective

There are several excellent textbooks for students of real property law. The purpose of this document is not to parallel those works. And while the document touches very briefly on historical matters and ancient law, they are presented for context only. Instead, the goal of these materials is to provide an overview of the law of real property as it is practiced in Manitoba. The cases and the legislation cited will be those that most closely pertain to the subtleties of the Manitoba experience. The materials are intended to be of assistance to those carrying out a day-to-day real property practice in Manitoba who find themselves confronted with a situation they have not previously faced or considered.
– Russell Davidson

Land and Title in Manitoba: A Registrar’s Perspective

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The Western Law Societies’ Conveyancing Protocol is a protocol jointly developed by the law societies of Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan to set out enhanced standards of conveyancing practice across the Western provinces. The goal is to provide excellent service to clients in residential sale, purchase and mortgage transactions.  It was created in 2001, updated in 2009 and is tailored for use here in Manitoba.

For a current  list of bank officials to contact in the case of delays in the discharge of mortgages, click the link below.

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