3.  Restricted Trust Account

All land titles registrations in Manitoba are electronic and are managed by Teranet Manitoba LP.

If a member or law firm will be dealing with real estate transactions and wants to use electronic funds transfers of trust money to pay the land transfer tax and registration fees through the Teranet eRegistration portal, the law firm will need to open and maintain a restricted trust account.

The law firm’s restricted trust account is a specialized pooled trust bank account created for the sole purpose of accommodating the transfer of trust money for land transfer taxes and registration fees during eRegistration.

Not every firm will want or need a restricted trust account.  Although the restricted trust account is a type of pooled trust bank account and therefore must meet all pooled trust account requirements including those listed in “Directions to the Savings Institution” in Section 1 above, it is not to be confused with the pooled trust account.

If you do not do any real property transaction work, you will not need a restricted trust account.


Notification is required any time a new trust account is opened, whether it be within days of being approved to be a trust account supervisor or years down the road.